Dear Students

We are requesting all students who paid reservation payment and got confirmation of getting a room in our building to send us following informations:

1. Full name
2. Country
3. Sex
4. Adress in Your Country
5. Passport noumber
6. Name of University in Your country
7. Name of Polish University
8. For how long You will stay in our building (months/semester(s))
9. Arrival date

We need this information to fill the contracts, it will make faster process of giving the keys.
We also remind that we are open from Monday to Friday, between 11am to 3 pm, and only during that time You can pick up the keys.
It is impossible to give keys to another person, keys will be given only to room tenant after signing the contract and rules documents (both You should read before coming to make all process faster)

If You have any questions, please write to us.