We inform that we have started recruitment process for Erasmus students on 2018/2019 year.

We offered for rent apartments, each with 5 rooms inside.  In each apartment there is also a kitchen and two bathrooms with showers. In room there is a bed, a desk with a chair, wardrobe and some shelves for a book.

On the 2018/2019 year there are following prices:

  • 675,00 PLN monthly rent (includes all bills, also internet)
  • 725,00 PLN monthly rent in apartment with bathroom after renovation (includes all bills, also internet)                                                                                                         We inform that all apartments after renovation have been already rented
  • 800,00 PLN - deposit money
  • 600,00 PLN reservation payment
 To book a room You have to pay deposit and reservation payment (1400,00 PLN) on our bank account:
 PL 93 1050 1953 1000 0092 0756 8685 ING Bank Śląski S.A. 
 Account owner: AZN Wojciech Sidor, ul. Żelazowej Woli 11/34, 20-853 Lublin

Making the money transfer remember  to write Your name, surname and "deposit for 2018/2019"

After paying You should send us an email with following informations:

1. Full name
2. Country
3. Sex
4. Adress in Your Country (street, house/flat noumber, post code, city)
5. Passport/ ID noumber
6. Name of University in Your country
7. Name of Polish University
8. Arrival date

9. How long You will stay in our building

Important information:

  • We work from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 3 pm, and only in this time You could pick up keys to apartment, so remember about it when You will be buying a flight tickets,
  • the rent You will start to pay after coming to Poland and signing the contract,
  • we don't have a towels, blankets, mugs etc,
  • If You will come after 15th of September the price for September is 30,00 PLN for each day when You will stay in the building
  • If You will come before 15th (including 15th) of September You have to pay regular monthly rent.
  • If You would like to stay in this same apartments with Your friends You have to send us this friends names (and they also have to pay deposit and reservation payment)
If You need more information conctact with us by email.